July 27, 2007

Peadophile Zoo

Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads has another little post about the copyright infringing lad's mag Zoo stealling this image. But unlike when they ripped him off personally this one has a twist. Because it included a penis of a person under 18 by stealling that particular image they made every single person that bought that edition of Zoo potentially liable to be arrested as a peadophile.

It does not matter that the penis in question (that is the one in the picture not the editor of Zoo) was put on public display completely willingly, nor that should its own have wanted to use it for sex rather than art the law considers that completely OK. It does not even matter that it cannot really be established if the owner was 16 as he claims or not. He could even have been 80 and used some photoshop skills to take out some of the wrinkles, if it look like it could have belonged to somebody under 18 that would still have been a crime. It is only what the police think that counts thanks to the way that Labour drafted this law, not what actually happened.


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